Friday, October 30, 2009

month 3 budget check

for month 3(of tracking) the grand total spent on all groceries was $625.67 from sept.26- oct. 31st (5 weeks)
$105 of that was the 'rollover' money from being so under budget last month.

Once averaged out between the two months, I did pretty well at keeping to my $100 a week budget for food and household/toiletries, basically, everything except dog food (I have delivered every few months in bulk) and alcohol (we still like a beer now and again).  Really, looking at the amount spent between the two months, I was only over by about $20. 

I do need to note that we did go out to eat once twice this month - once with my parents to try the new burger place in town, and once while out shopping, we went to a cafe.
We also did one night of take out for my husband and myself - sushi!  yum.

Considering we have spent $0 on entertainment (other than the 5.99 netflix subscription I am about to cancel).  That will count as our monthly entertainment! lol - who know burgers and sushi were so entertaining!


  1. This is great.. I wish I could stick to a budget. That is something I am working on!

  2. Love ur blog and love u can buy all organic. We have no organic food around us here in NY...which I am very upset about as hubby and I want to change our ways of eating.. :( Just curious as to how many people u are feeding or buying for with your monthly budget? THANKS :)

  3. Jolene - we are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children (7,4). We eat just about all our meals in/from the house. We have a few grocery stores around here I do not shop at because they do not have a good organic selection, but the 'higher end' stores are getting more and more of a selection (generic even!). Hopefully you can locate a new place to shop soon!

  4. There are a few good grocery stores around here that have organic foods. I love to cook, so I try to find every meal in if possible.

    I have an award for you at

  5. That is amazing! Although I have been doing some better about cooking at night, we need to work on lunch.



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