Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skull and Peeky Eyes and a 2 for 1.

Both the boy and girl have school tomorrow - he is 7 and in public school, she is 4 and in pre-k at a fairly conservative private christian school.... where I also teach. Soooo, she won't be getting any spooky halloween theme lunches, only pumpkins and apples and leaves, etc. Anything too halloweeny would be frowned upon, and since I work there I am going to keep hers tame.
The boy on the other hand, hee hee...  he and I both are lovin' coming up with freaky, fun, scaryish lunches!

Here is his lunch for tomorrow....

HIS lunch has a skull made out of cucumber 'guts' with carrot and cucumber skin eyes, teeth and white of the eyes is made from bits of egg.  It sits on some lundberg brand organic mushroom risotto which was a dinner leftover tonight (and very tasty, btw).  The grilled chicken was also a dinner leftover.  The 'peeky eyes' are hardboiled egg halfs with carrot and cucumber eyeballs.  They are sitting on a bed of lettuce.  The small container next to it is his usual dressing - raspberry vinaigrette.

Lunch 2 is for the girl.  She has simplified eyes (mom tossed some carrots on last minute).  The outside shell of the cucumber from the skull cut out made a perfect carrot stick holder!
The small container has blue cheese dressing.
Notice no chicken or rice in her lunch??  It's cause she protested at dinner and gave them to the dog  the dog somehow got them off of her plate.  I figure an all fruit and veggie lunch for her wouldn't be so terrible!

I think she is turning vegetarian on me??  Great! It's cheaper!


  1. The skull is super cute - I mean scary!

  2. I love the skull and the eyes! Very spoooky :D

  3. Wow - what awesome ideas! I have the laptop lunchboxes which are really great for this. Thanks for sharing and great blog!

  4. I just stumbled onto your blog today and I LOVE it! I have enjoyed looking around so much that I have added your button and did a short review post on my blog. I hope that is ok. I have it scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    How on earth do you get your kids to eat salad? That seems to be the one thing my 4 and 2 year old will not even look at.

  5. ha ha! skull is great! it looks great in closeup! sadly, my lunchbag swinging boy would most likely have disassembled it...

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    charlene - we love our laptop lunchboxes!

    Lorrie - can't wait to see the post! awesome!!
    feel free to add a pic if you would like!

    As for salad - my son discovered feta and raspberry vinegrette. you will notice one or the other or both in all lunchboxes that contain lettuce! he did not always eat salads. My daughter however, is part rabbit we think!

    sheri - oh, don't be fooled. I have a lunchbox swinger too. They don't always make it to school resembling anything how they looked when they left the house!

  7. I love this you are creative! Long ago I made mice cookies for my kids.

  8. What a great idea!

  9. thanks for following my blog, how did you find it?
    cute bento. looks yummy : )

  10. So freaky. How long does it take you to make a lunch like this? Super long? Or do you just have the right kind of fingers to make detailed things.

    You'd be proud (or utterly ashamed) of me. I made what I call "mouse cookies" the other day. I'm posting about it soon. I tried so hard to make them look like mice. They were droopy eyed and ugly, but my kids thought they looked "mouse-ish". LOl

    I had to make half of them as just "orbs". :)



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