Thursday, October 15, 2009

blah thermos

I had low expectations from the start. 
The cheapo last minute, late night wally world thermos run was a dud.
The kids said the chili was 'kinda cold' and based on the mess in my son's lunchbox, I think they 'kinda leak' too.

And of course, who knows WHAT is in the plastic...

so... we are out about $8 - that means two less starbuck runs in my future... (didn't need it anyhow!)

I am on the hunt for good stainless steel thermoses now...


  1. I would totally recommend the Thermos funtainer! You can get them at Target, Toys-R-Us and more. My Target had hem on clearance, so try there 1st. They are stainless steel and BPA free and them make them in a ton of cool characters and designs. if I see a deal on them anywher soon, I will def. let you know :)

  2. sad! We have a stainless one from target, saved for next year, maybe I better give it a dry (wet) run.

  3. You need to get real Thermos brand lunch jars. They are pricey ($15 or so) but they keep food hot and do not leak. Totally worth the investment.



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