Monday, October 19, 2009

black cat

Well, not so much black... more purple, lol.  I used blueberry juice to change the color. I physically squeezed a few blueberries.  Not the smartest thing, my fingers will be purple tomorrow.  What oh what will my students think??!  Oh yeah, they are pre-schoolers... I'm sure they have worse things on their hands! And, I'm also sure the purple will soon be replaced with orange fingerpaint...

The black cat is a mini sandwich with the usual - almond butter and strawberry jelly.  Next to it is a special treat, a shortbread cookie from central market.  Yogurt with blueberries, edamame, and a blood orange (said in a freaky voice followed by muahahaha).


  1. hey amanda,
    lunch looks great, purple cat and all! following along, well ya told me ya used to live in md so i had to follow! lol love the blog very cute! stop by and say "hi" anytime!

  2. i make veriety lunches like this for my daughters everyday..

    may be more friend stuff though for the kiddos..

    following you via friends follow friends group mbc..i hope you will reciprocate the follow..

  3. Really enjoying your site - count me in as your newest follower! :-) (Visiting from MBC)



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