Saturday, October 3, 2009

weekly shopping - crazy numbers but they average out.

Last month (I know my months are a little skewed based on when we started tracking...)
I spent roughly $295.  We budgeted $400 for the 4 weeks so it really felt great being $105 UNDER budget for organic shopping for a family of four!  During that time period, we did spend about $6 at starbucks for an afternoon treat while out one day but that was the only out of the house food spending.

We decided to use the $105 towards a big costco run.

total spent - $196.29 This was a strange trip for me.  I did use some costco coupons on some of the items.  I used costco coupons on both the ziplock freezer bags and the electrosol finish.  I am well aware that manufacture combined with store sales would have made smaller counts of these items a little cheaper, but with the large sizes I am stocked up, am not running around to all the different stores and wasting gas, time and energy.
I am coming to the realization that the extra dollar or two I may have spent was worth it for me at this point in my life.
My chicken is not organic - I am still struggling in this dept.!

Then there was the farmer's market trip... total spent - $34
I was unable to gt a picture, but I spent another $55.01 getting some dairy items, lunchmeat, cheese, paper towles (i need to wean myself off of these!), etc. at tom thumb.

so, wow!  grand total - $285.30!!  Almost what I spent all last month!
take out the $105 I 'rolled over' for stock up and my weekly spending was $180.30 for this week!!
am I freaking out?  nah.  besides, I doubt other than milk and some fruit, I will spend over $20 this week.
Average that out and I should stay right around $100 a week for the two weeks!


  1. No eating out AT ALL??!! Wow! I am really impressed. I would like to see some pictures of the dinners you are conjuring up in the Ball house. Inspire me in the dinner department, please. Is that allowed on a blog with the title "LUNCHbox Limbo?"

  2. that's awesome you came in under budget, especially with all that organic food!

    I have an organic giveaway going on at my blog, I think you'll like it!!

  3. I think you did great. Totally off your house called a Cornell? I noticed your drapes (totally love them) and started to think your home looked familiar. If not, never mind. If yes, then you'll understand when I say my home is called a Hampton. :)

  4. holly - I need to post more dinners. I need to get a little more creative in the dinner area too actually....

    Molly - I'm gonna check it out right now!! thanks for letting me know!

    Angela - no, it is a jacobson :) but I googled the others, built by lennar? Our model is kinda a similar layout to the cornell, but here most of the masters are downstairs. I am cornice board (they are cheap and easy) and straight panel queen(cause I am too cheap to buy curtains) I'll email you a pic of the double decker curtains... two 18 foot panels cost me $12 each! The tiebacks to hang them cost more.



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