Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"you have worms in your ears!!"

I just entered a giveaway. 
I'm not super huge into the giveaway thing - I only enter when it is something I really want or could use.  In this case, I really want to try these things!! 

Angela at The Suburban Jungle just posted a review and giveaway on her site for yummy earth ORGANIC gummy bears and gummy worms.

I've tried locating these in my local 'organic-y' stores and they don't have them yet.  If I don't win this one, I may have to suck it up and order online!

Here's why...
My dad may come across as a grumpy old man type if you don't know him.  But the truth is, he is a great guy who loves being around little kids.  My kids adore him. My son is so much like my father it isn't even funny.

My dad has a....well.. a 'thing'.  He likes pulling gummy worms out of my kids' ears.  He brings gummy worms with him to restaurants when we go out to eat with them and pulls the gummy worms out of my kids' ears when they get restless while waiting for their food (ingenious move, btw).  He 'pulls them out' when the kids go over to Grandma and Grandpa's, and again when they leave. When my son got off of the bus near their house, he had a bag of gummy worms handy and all the neighborhood kids made sure they came over for their ears to be checked!
My kids LOVE it, and I cringe. 
I cringe to think of what they are made out of.  I cringe thinking about the junk, the HFCS, the dyes, the lack of fruit in the fruit flavor.
But alas, In my quest to eat better, I wouldn't dare cut out the gummy worms from Grandpa.  That's his, well.... 'thing'.  He finds great joy in pretending to pull slimy earwax covered worms from my kids' ears!  The kids look forward to it and it will be a great memory for them.

Now, candy is still candy.  I know that.  BUT, if I can healthen (yes, I made that word up) it up at all, why not?!

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  1. I think most moms understand made up words. :) I'm rooting for you. Thanks for posting about it.



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