Sunday, October 18, 2009

spooooooky house

Groceries are looking a little low in our house right now. Milk is gone. The only fresh fruit hanging around are lemons and a lone apple with a 'squooshy spot' (as proclaimed by my daughter). Needless to say, I plan to hit the store tomorrow.
The lack of stuff made lunch making a slight challenge today. BUT, my son LOVES quesadilla's. Just scroll through past lunchboxes and that should be obvious.

So, when in doubt, grab some torillas and cookie cutters! That is my motto!

Spooky house and friends made from wheat tortillas, shred cheese. The bat and faces are bits of nori. It is all resting on the last of the salad. Some applesauce with cinnamon, salad dressing, and the last of the pirate booty finish off this lunch.


  1. Love your halloween bento ... I've just grab your button to put it on my blog, hope is ok :o)

  2. I love bento boxes!! I was just looking for bento boxes this weekend but came up empty. Looking for something cute for the kiddies. I'm going to make sure I drop by more often to get some tips. Thanks.

  3. Oh tortillas, of course! I always forget about those for some reason :D Looks delicious!

  4. Lia - no problem! I added yours also.

    Screamin' mama - come on by anytime!

    bento for kidlet - tortillas are from heaven! they have saved many many lunches around here!
    my favs are the raw dough ones you cook yourself,

  5. So cute, my son just glanced over and saw this lunch. Needless to say I will be making this soon :0



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