Saturday, September 26, 2009

farmer's market face

Finally had a Saturday morning where we could get out to the Farmer's Market!  I love taking the kids and letting them pick out foods and get excited about something new. 

After washing up all the foods we purchased, I decided to play with the presentation a little (yes, I know, I have issues...). 

Here is the bounty from the Farmer's Market - total cost was $34

Now, the downside of today's trip...
We are still very new to organic foods, and I am still learning quite a bit.  Unfortunately that means I have to learn through trial and error at times. 

I learned some lessons today.

 Just because it is at the local farmer's market, does not mean it is local OR organically grown.  You (I) have to ask!  It makes me feel kind like a pain in the butt customer, but from now on I will be asking where the food comes from and how it is grown.  There are two farms at the market I typically buy from because they say they use organic practices... BUT that does not mean that all the produce they sell is from their farm!  They want to have variety for their customers and so they will bring in produce from other places sometimes.

UGH, that make it harder to know what you are buying, and VERY frustrating!
I came home today with plums, one had a sticker on it... from california.  AND the number started with a 4.  A sign that it is a conventionally grown plum. Well... I could have run up to the local grocery store and bought it there on sale if that is what I was looking to buy today!

  • If the number on the fruit begins with a 3, or 4, then the item is Non-Organic/ conventionally grown. 
  • If the number on the fruit begins with 8, then the item is Genetically Modified. 
  • If the number on the fruit begins with a 9, then the item is Organic!
I also need to learn what is in season for my area.  I am a 'transplant Texan' and am still learning to live in a different part of the country.


  1. Super cute (and tasty looking) face.
    Your blog has been awarded! There is an award waiting for you on my blog

  2. I try to do organic as much as I can. It's hard to do the coupon thing, the low fat weight watching thing, and the organic thing. Mainly because low fat and organics are more expensive so sometimes I have to pick one or the other. You might want to try planting your own garden. I live in the South and we have a garden every year. I freeze and can and know exactly what's in our food. That's a great way to save money and be organic at the same time! Thanks for following!! Nik

  3. Organic? Hmm? how does organic foods taste in comparison to the other foods we buy?
    I gave you a award on my site! Please come and accept it. Thank you:0)

  4. I just love your blog, and because I do I wanted to give you an award.

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