Wednesday, September 23, 2009

going organic - month 2 totals

There are some areas in my life where I am a huge procrastinator, some areas where I do things very halfway, and some areas where I go gung-ho.  Switching to organic/natural foods has been one of those areas.

For me, it was an all or nothing task.  So, month one took it's toll in the pocketbook.  We spent a lot of money switching out all the basics in the house - the little things that add up, added up.  You can read about it here.  This month's total is less because of the drastic route we chose to take last month.

Now we are almost done with month two (will end this saturday) and I wanted to give an update.
My guess/budget was $100 a week (give or take).
here are some ways we are saving/cutting back.

To see what I've bought this month, click here.

week 1 - $93
week 2 - $130.66
week 3 - $45.72
week 4 - $26.01
At this point, doesn't look like I will need to go to the store before the weekend, so my friends, that was our month!

Budget - $400  
Actual Total $295.39 

The only items not included were dog food, and alcohol.  We buy our dog food in bulk and have it delivered to the house so it lasts for months. As for alcohol, I did include wine from week one because I will cook with some of it.  But my husband laughingly said his 'beer buying is no one's business.' 

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