Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I used the 'tortilla land' brand natural uncooked tortillas that I picked up at costco a while back (they freeze great!).  Prior to cooking, I let the kids pick out cookie cutter shapes to shape the dough.   I cooked both sides of the dough, loaded them up cheese and put on the top tortilla. 

The tortillas are sitting on a bed of spinach lined in carrots.  The purple container has his staple dressing - raspberry vinegriette.  He keeps getting it because he eats all his salads with it in there!

The vanilla yogurt is sprinked with ground flax - sometimes I mix it with granola so they don't know any different but we are at the point where they are learning my tricks and seem ok with it!  Plus, the big fat strawberry and the blueberries make up for it!

The last container has more fresh cut strawberries and kiwi fruit cut into star shapes.

All items are organic, expect for the tortilas and the cheese.  Both are natural with nothing goofy added.



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