Monday, September 28, 2009

The flop and the heartache...

If you read back through my lunchbox posts, there were two times I let myself get really excited over something my son decided he really liked.

total side track here - It seems like I am always talking about my son and not my daughter - if so, it is because he gets lunch 5 days a week and she only gets 2 a week -well, I feed her everyday, but only pack her a lunch 2 days a week!  just felt like I needed a disclaimer there, lol.

Ok, back to my excited posts....
The first time I was super excited it was the stuffed mushrooms.    My excitement was evident just in the post title - I put three exclamation points at the end.

The second was yesterday when I went on and on about the Okra.

Well, everyday when they come home from school, I ask the kids about their lunch - If they had time to eat it all, what they liked the most, the least, etc.  

Well, the stuffed mushroom was not good cold.  Common sense says 'duh'.  I was just so excited that he liked it that it went into the lunch without any thought. It was a flop.

Now for the okra.  He was being polite to the 'Okra lady' at the farmer's market.  He told me he didn't really like the okra cold, but would like to try it cooked.

I appreciate his honesty, and I told him that.  I am disappointed in myself for not recognizing that he was not really into the raw okra.  How could I read my kid the wrong way?  I'm his mom!   I can tell when he is sick.  I can tell when he is tired.  I can sense that he has to go to the bathroom at the first little twitch of the 'pee pee' dance.  And, I can usually tell when he is lying.  So, how could I not pick up on his 'polite mis-shaping of the truth'??  There my friends in the heartache in this post.

The silver lining in this?  We tried Grilled Okra for dinner and he scarfed it up!

Grilled Okra

About a pound of fresh Okra
3 tbsp. of melted butter
3 tbsp. cajun seasoning or garlic salt (something with a kick)

Roll okra in melted butter and sprinkle with seasoning, place on a HOT outdoor grill.  Place on a pre-sprayed vegetable grill rack.  Cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side.  Should be slightly char-grilled.


  1. My girls love pickled okra. Maybe he'd eat it like that? We're gonna try the grilled, though. Sounds yummy!

  2. So sorry okra.... Thanks for offering to send me some almond butter. :) I had to push back my almond butter posts, but I've been making my own with a vitamix. I've been loving it. I'm one of those horrible "post too muchers" but you'll see some of my inventions in almond butter in the future. :)



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