Monday, September 7, 2009

teddy bear picnic

Last week, the preschool my daughter attends had a Teddy Bear theme for the first week of school.  The children were able to bring teddy bears to class... but, the Teddy Bears have now graduated and are not allowed back!  Sooooo, mom is going to smuggle them in to school in her lunch!  ha ha.

The big bear in this lunch is made from homemade rosemary bread.  I made a big batch of dinner rolls to freeze, but shaped a few into teddy bears before baking!  The recipe I use is from the allrecipes website.  If you have ever been to macaroni grill, this is a perfect knock-off to their bread!  I make with fresh rosemary instead of dried and like to add a little extra.  I also use milk instead of water for a slightly less crunchy crust.  I place in the bread machine on the dough setting and then bake in the oven at 375 for 30-35 minutes for loaves, or 25-30 for the rolls.  The bear is sitting on top of romaine lettuce and the small container of red is a raspberry vinaigrette for her to spread on her salad.
The ants on a log are a favorite around here, and pretty much the only way my kids do celery.  These are filled with humus, topped with raisins and have a few little winnie the pooh animal crackers added for fun.. and more bear friends!
The strawberries have a little container of vanilla yogurt for dipping.
All items are organic, except the raspberry vinaigrette.  The label wasn't too bad so we are using it up.


  1. Hi! Following from MBC-- I LOVE your lunches!!
    I think I would be up all night if I treid these!! WHat kind of lunch box are you using--is it one of the laptop ones??


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