Friday, September 11, 2009

I think I've got it!

After the sticker shock of 'the big switch', I think I've got the grocery budget under control.

Last week we spent $93 and some change and this week came to $100.66.  I think I can use my frugality to feed my family of four on $100 a week (more or less).  We may very well have some $60 weeks and some $150 weeks.  Currently, we are stocked up on mostly all household supplies, but I plan to continue using coupons on those items and purchase when on sale.

Here is what $100 bought us for the week at Kroger - $26 of that total was on wine (is that bad? hee hee).  The only area really lacking this week was fruit.  We might go to the farmers market tomorrow to pick up some fruit, but we won't be spending more than $10.

The 3 gallons of organic milk were $1.99 each!  I mentioned in a previous post how we save by using only one gallon in a week... well, drink up kids!  I plan to use some of the milk and also the ripe bananas for baking!  I see whole wheat banana muffins in our future!  
The only thing pictured that I am totally unsure of is the sliced cheese.  I can't find organic sliced cheese.  I looked at the cheese labeled as 'natural' and really did not see a difference in the ingredient label from the store brand I purchased. 
The most expensive items I purchased were the:
Bontera Organic Wines (yeah, no sulfites!) at $11.99 for the chardenay and $13.99 for the merlot.
organic pure maple syrup at $7.29.
The ground beef I bought is not labeled organic, but is marked as hormone free and grass fed. Those were $3.59 each.
also pictured above is:
farmhouse eggs for $2.29
organic fresh thyme marked down to .89
organic cereal for $2.99 (so against my couponing days of not spending over $1 a box!)
chocolate soymilk marked down to $1.79
organic applesauce $2.99
organic nutmeg for $3.99  (still switching spices over...)
organic cumin for $3.99
organic baby portabella mushrooms for $2.99
Hansens natural soda for $3.32
ajax dish soap for $.99
organic vanilla yogurt for $2.99
organic fennel for $1.69
organic butternut squash for $4.88
organic shredded cheese  for2 @ $2.99 each
kroger brand deli cheese 4 @ $1.25 each
organic bananas - marked down to .49
organic fingerling potatoes marked down to .99
organic cucumbers marked down to $1.00
organic bell peppers marked down to $1.00
organic salad blend marked down to $1.49
The item I a most excited about is the green celery looking thing... fennel.  I have never seen it before let alone cooked with it!
After three years of major couponing, it was soooo weird for me to not use a single coupon.   I have ditched the 5" binder and have gone down to a 1".  The 'new' coupon book organized and ready to be taken on the next shopping trip...although, the coupon pickings are slim for organics!


  1. Where was the milk for $1.99???? I'm going to get some! And you with love fennel. Let me know if you need help with it!

  2. You can freeze milk! When I see organic milk on sale, I buy every one of them. If they are in Gallon jugs, you might want to open them and pour some out since it will expand. It also takes a while to thaw, so pull it out a at least a day before you need to use it. Way to go on all the organic stuff!


  3. Shannon, I used to freeze it all the time...we had issues with it going bad within a day or so after opening - do you have any issues with that? - amanda

  4. No, I haven't, I don't know, maybe freeze it in smaller containers?? I have only frozen half gallons, so I haven't tried the jugs yet and my kids drink a lot of milk so a half gallon is gone in a day or 2. I'm really having fun following your blog. I met your friend Holly when she lived in PA, that is how I found you! Keep up the hard work, I might get inspired to try some of those fun lunches:) - Shannon

  5. Shannon, thanks! I will keep an eye for the half gallons marked down!! So nice to 'meet' a friend of Holly's! I miss that girl!!

  6. Organic Valley makes organic sliced cheese, but I have never found it in my local stores. Although my store recently started carrying their shredded cheese and I have found coupon peelies on the bags. They also have coupons on their site that you can print twice a year ( I also make sure to sign to receive the Mambo Sprouts mailer, I have seen some good coupons in there.

  7. thanks, jen! I have not seen the organic valley cheese slices - I recently found horizon slices but I have not purchased them as of yet.
    I've used my organic valley coupons for the year and although I have signed up for mambo sprouts, I have yet to get a mailer from them... it's been a while too. hmmm, maybe I need to try that one again!!



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