Tuesday, September 1, 2009

salad bowl

I found the idea of using a tortilla to make an scrambled egg basket. Scrambled eggs... not so great in a cold lunchbox.  Since I have discovered my son likes feta cheese, salads are making a come back in his world.  I thought this tortilla basket would make a great salad bowl and could entice him into the salad loving world a little more.  Since I worked all day, and had back to school night 'stuff' at the elementary school, lunch making could have easily slipped back into old habits.  BUT I refrained from just tossing prepackaged 'stuff' into the lunchbox.  I figured this was easy enough to do - just puff and stuff!

Love Costco.  Found these raw tortillas there, when you heat them up in a skillet, they are warm and puffy - love them.   You could do these with already cooked tortillas also, but they would need to be slightly buttered or oiled till pliable.  Then just shape over the bottom of an inverted muffin tin (I used small glass pyrex dishes) and bake for 5-10 minutes.  If using raw dough, oil the muffin tin or glass dish.  I then removed it just before it cooled completely, added the lettuce, feta, and cut up two little (all that was ready today) garden tomatoes to make a happy face.

As for the rest of his lunch, I found this neat way to cut a banana (or cucumber) on the Just Bento website.  It was super simple.  I really want to do this chigai-giri cut on a cucumber, but that will have to happen when I actually have a cucumber on hand! There is also a homemade organic muffin made with whole wheat flour, blueberries, banana, applesauce and a few other ingredients.  The recipe is from the allrecipies website.  Other than using blueberries instead of strawberries (which also make a yummy muffin) I like to cut the brown sugar down and add 1/2 cup of rolled oats and some ground flax.   More of the farmers market watermelon was added (per his request!) and a small amount of raspberry vinigarette dressing.

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