Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new look for lunchbox limbo!

I contacted Veronica of VC designs to design a header for me.  Her prices are super low (they pass this frugal mom's test), the turn around was amazingly fast.... AND best of all, she pretty much is a mind reader.  I gave her a jumbled mess of a kinda sorta description (what we call 'amanda style' in this house) and she ran with it.
I LOVE what she came up with and I hope you do to!

In fact, I spent a ridiculous amount of time today revamping my blog over and over to try to do justice to the new banner!

now if i could just figure out the html to center the darn thing! --anyone know??



  1. It looks beautiful. And your 3 columns look great. I love the rounded look. I know how to center it...somewhere in the back of my involves going into the html.... If it comes to me, I'll come back and let you know.



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