Thursday, September 24, 2009

lunch - to make or not to make? - UPDATE

Not sure the boy is going back to school tomorrow - He was fever free on Tuesday (or so we thought) and so we sent him on Wednesday... only to call the school and have them check to see if he had picked up a cough (dr's said to keep a look out for a sudden cough).  The nurse checked and sure enough, fever was back - slight, but there.  SO, he came home Wednesday and stayed home today (has to be 24 hours fever free).

Tomorrow is Friday, (he came down with the flu last Friday), I don't think I am going to even bother sending him.  He has already missed more days this year than ever before - what's one more - ?

ON THE OTHER hand, the district has a strict attendance policy and too many days= no third grade.  So what happens if he gets the flu again  or some other sickness this year?

What would you do?  Give him one last day home or send him knowing he has kicked this flu?

*** UPDATE - um, yeah, he went.  He proved he was back to normal the way he argued with his sister that night!

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