Sunday, September 13, 2009

goodbye old, hello new!...

The OLD Shopping buddy - a HUGE 5" notebook stuffed with coupons.  
(oh, how will I get in an arm workout now??)

The NEW shopping buddy - a widdle 1 1/2" notebook with lots of empty space inside.

The old and new coupon notebooks side by side.

It is true, there just are not as many coupons out there for organic items.  BUT, there are some!  I have always looked at coupons as money - $.50 here and $1.00 there will add up fast.   If someone were handing me .50 to buy something I would buy anyways, I would not turn it down.  Not using coupons on items you purchase anyways is exactly that!   Although I am a lot more choosy over the coupons I am cutting and using, I still look for them to save money.  I still buy shampoo and toilet paper!


  1. I think most people make this realization eventually (or at least I hope so.) I evolved as a rabid couponer as well. I'm still learning, but we're making progress. Keep up the good work!

  2. Angela, there has to be a balance - Free is exhilarating, but healthy feels better!
    At least I still have lots of free toothpaste in the closet left from my mega coupon days!



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