Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The flower, the kissy frog and the 'totally freaky' hand... butternut squash grilled cheeses

Disclaimer #1 -My husband had to work later tonight and the kids and I entertained ourselves in the kitchen.

Disclaimer #2 - I am posting two lunches tonight because the kids helped me make lunches and I let them choose what items went into their lunch.  My son only got a little bit of 'decorative' lettuce because he 'wants a break from salads for a few days' and he 'had a pickle in his lunch today and didn't want one tomorrow'. 

This was one that kinda snowballed.  The only plan I had in place was the grilled cheese with butternut squash, but I/we started playing and this is what I ended up with...

My daughter's lunch has a grilled cheese sandwich with butternut squash puree mixed in with the cheese.  The red is cut tomato.  The flower stem and leaf is just darker lettuce. The 'kissy frog' is made from pickles, black olives, tomato slices, and a carrot tongue. The dipping container has the raspberry vinaigrette dressing and is surrounded by green grapes.

My son's lunch is a hand (he picked out the hand cookie cutter, so I rolled with it).  I added red nails with the cut tomato - we agreed this one may make a comeback closer to Halloween since it is, and I quote, "totally freaky." He opted for cut grapefruit with a little sugar sprinkled on top and some veggie staws for his sides.


  1. That hand is freaky. My son would love it.

  2. Can I ask you a question? It doesn't see like enough food. Are your kids full after eating lunches this size? I have 7 and 10 yr. old boys that eat alot. Are your children very young? The lunches are gorgeous and fun looking.




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