Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fresh avacado/guacamole tip

A while back, I asked the a guy in the produce department what I needed for making guacamole.  Boy, did I pick the right guy to ask.

Luis's eyes lit up.  Apparently, he is known for his guacamole.  He is the one who makes it all his family gatherings and was known in the store to whip up a batch for the other workers. He started going on and on about how to make it this way or that way depending on my taste.  When he mentioned adding cottage cheese, I didn't hide my 'your crazy dude' expression very well.

"I'll make you some!" he said.  We starting walking all over the produce department and everything he grabbed, I also grabbed and put in my cart.  Once all ingredients were in his bowl, he went off into the back and I continued to finish my shopping. He came out a little while later with his concoction. 
mmmmm.  It was wonderful.

I went home and tried to duplicate and did pretty well.  BUT of course, I neglected to write it all down... so other than adding cottage cheese for creaminess, the only other tip I vividly remember was this:
To keep fresh guacamole fresh, or to save the other half of an avocado, place the seed on top.  It will help prevent it from turning brown.
It works!  I do it all the time (well, whenever we have avocado or guacamole).

I typed this as I finished the other half of an avocado I had cut into over 24 hours ago.  Not a brown spot on it!  Now... if only I had that guacamole recipe!

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