Friday, September 18, 2009

organic coupon links

Many of these sites you have to register for newsletters so make sure you use an extra email account!
simply organic - click on the 'simple savings' link at the top lef


  1. Thanks for following my site Amanda!Healthy snack ideas to go for kids?
    Great! I'm following you too now:)
    BTW, thanks for the links. Have a great day!

  2. Hello Amanda, great blog, I'm always thinking how to make a healthy lunch for my children, now I can come to your blog and check it out.

    Thanks for the great information.

    Following you from MBC

  3. Hey Amanda,
    So I've been checking your blog every day. :) I just decided this summer to switch to completely organic too. My switch came after I watched "Food Inc." and decided to grow my own "container garden" on my back porch. Thanks for these coupon links. :) Also, have you found a brand that has organic cheese? I can't seem to find that anywhere. :) AND do you have any new recipes you've tried with new foods since going organic? (and if I'm ever a mom, I hope to be as creative as you are!!!)

  4. Hey Karisse!
    I'm having a hard time in the cheese department too! I know horizon makes cheese sticks, and I have seen shreds, but I can't find slices. And organic cheese is really expensive... my cheap side has had issues with buying a lot of it (that and chicken are a huge internal battle for me in the grocery store)!
    We tried goat cheese and though the name doesn't make it sound appealing, it was really good.
    As for recipes, I did by a cookbook that I like, (I think i will post about that!)
    It is called 'food to live by' by myra goodman. Their family owns earthbound farms and. I also have been scouring allrecipes for recipes with simple ingredients and whatnot that i can just use all natural and organic items.
    I guess i should post more recipes but I feel weird about that because they are not truly my own. That's right, I am a stealer. That, and it is a lot of typing and you have to give clear directions and i would leave stuff out:)
    Thanks for reading! I started this for accountability for myself but I have to admit, it is fun to have regular readers!

  5. I love that I do not have to give up my coupon addiction! Thank you for all the websites!

  6. There are organic cheese slices. I just bought some this weekend. I think they are Horizon.



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