Thursday, September 10, 2009

personal pesto pizza and a parmesean patty pan

Here is my son's lunch for tomorrow.  My son helped me make the whole wheat pesto, feta pizzas tonight at dinner.  He doesn't like 'big' tomatoes, so they were left off of his piece, however he does like the little tomatoes from our garden (? go figure ?), so I added those on the side.
We picked up some patty pan squash from the farmers market and I sauteed that up in some organic toasted sesame oil and added some garlic and other dried spices.  The small container has parmesean cheese for him to sprinkle on top.  It is a neat little squash - looks like someone, well, squashed it flat.  (see a pic here)
Lastly is a sliced orange.


  1. how old is your son? and how do I get mine to eat like that?

  2. zealandsmom,
    My son is 7 and my daughter is 4. It hasn't always been like this... I think you have inspired a new post! I will write more tomorrow... - amanda



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