Sunday, September 13, 2009

yes! he likes stuffed mushrooms!!!!!

Salad with feta cheese, almonds and my son's 'usual' raspberry vinegrette, stuffed mushroom, 'yellow' green beans, cut pear with raisins, grapes.

My husband and I have made stuffed mushrooms so many times over the years.  We had not had them in a while because we have been really trying to NOT make separate meals for ourselves than we do for the kids and the last time we made them, the kids turned their noses up at them.  Well... I think we are slowly changing little tastebuds around here!  My son LOVED the mushrooms!!!!  yippee!! In fact, I would have added more to his lunch, but he kept going back for more, that this was all that was left!

We have tried many different recipes for stuffed mushrooms, but have found that a meat, a spice, the stems, and some sort of cheese is a basic set up that hasn't led us astray...yet.

This is a great 'skeleton recipe' - we have interchanged so many of the ingredients based on what is on hand - different cheeses, different meats, and different seasonings.  It pretty much always comes out good! Hint with the mushrooms - pat them dry/clean, don't soak them.

ok, I hate writing recipes so here is the gist:
 Our 'basic' stuffed mushrooms
Brown up ground beef (or turkey/ sausage/ chicken sausage)
Add seasoning- In this case I added some fresh garlic and a dried italian herb mix. 
Remove stems from mushrooms (used baby bellas) and chop stems.  Add stems to mixture. 
Add cheese (we used white cheddar today)
stuff mushrooms  - bake in 350 oven for 10-15. 
Add grated parmesean to top and bake till cheese browns a little.
I can't give you amounts, because I really never measure.  BUT I almost always have filling leftover.  We LOVE to add the filling into a morning omelet or scrambled eggs!

Can I also add that this was the FASTEST lunch prep yet!  We had stuffed mushrooms and green beans and salad with dinner tonight.   So.... those were already out.  I had just washed up the pears and grapes, so those were sitting out too.   Just a quick grab in the pantry for almonds and raisins and it was all made!

At dinner, I asked my son which beans he liked better, the light green or the dark - he said light, so that is what went in the lunchbox.  I have found that by giving him some involvement into what goes into his lunch means he is more likely to eat it all.


  1. How do you keep the pears from getting gross? I have been rubbing lemon on them, but they are sometimes still gross brown the next morning.

  2. rubbing lemon is the only trick I know! Ideally, i would cut up his fruit in the morning - but mornings are not my time of day.

    side note - I did have a grocer tell me to keep the pit in the avacado or place it on top of a fresh guacamole to keep it from browning.

    If anyone has any tips for keeping fruits from browning in the lunchbox, would love to hear them! - amanda

  3. I like your lunchboxes. :) I would eat everything in them!

    My son doesn't eat lunch at school yet, but I'm saving your site for when he does. :) He's going to flip for the freaky hand.

    And I hope he eats the salad parts. :)

  4. A recipe I used tonight said to use 1 tsp cream of tartar in a cup of water as a browning preventative for potatoes. Wonder if it would work for the pears, or if there'd be an aftertaste?

  5. Cinnamon is a preservative. My kids love it on sliced apples.

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