Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh my Okra - who knew?!!

Lunch for tomorrow is almost completely made from items we purchased on our Farmer's Market trip this weekend.

Okra?  Okra was one of those things I would have never even thought that my kids would even try, let alone like.

The 'Okra lady' at the Farmer's Market is my new favorite person. As we walked by her stand, my son pointed and said, "what IS that?"

Luckily for me, she spoke up and answered because honestly, I had no idea what it was.  I have only had Okra covered in a golden crisp of fried fatness.  I had no idea what it really looked like in it's natural state.

She went on to tell him he could eat it raw and handed one to him.  Holding back my germ-a-dirt-a-phobe-y-ness, I smiled to encourage this act of kindness.  He was wide eyes, took a bite, and let loose a grin.  "MMMMM, that's good".
Holy cow.
"I'll take a basket full!" I said.

She also gave us some seeds which we can put in the fridge and plant in our garden next summer!  

So, it is in his lunch for tomorrow while the enthusiasm for this new, green thing still exists!  And yes, I washed them really well!!

Joining the Okra is some of Annies brand 'goddess' dressing as a dip, a plum (NON organic - I'm still mad! - read here), garden tomatoes skewered with organic string cheese, slices of cucumber and zucchini bread.

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