Tuesday, September 22, 2009

game on!

Sicky boy was fever free today!
He tested positive for Influenza type A, and without the official state done testing, that it was pretty much, most likely, the H1N1 virus. 
All in all, it was fairly mild - just have to watch that no symptoms return in the next few days.  But since it will be 6 days tomorrow since the onset, and he was totally fever free today then he will return tomorrow.

In his case, it started with a headache, then fever and vomiting the first night.  The fever and runny nose were his only symptoms after the initial onset.

We chose to keep our daughter home today 'just in case' she develops any symptoms.  She will most likely go to school again on Thursday (her pre-k is T/th only).

Thanks to some storms that rolled through yesterday, it is a randomly cool day here in north Texas - so the windows are open and the house is airing out!

next stop - make dinner and tomorrow's lunch.  Should have lunch posted tonight!

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