Wednesday, September 2, 2009

x's and o's

was inspired by a picture of a tic-tac-toe english muffin tuna 'pizza' topped with cheese in a kids cookbook for this one. BUT this lunch is for my son and... he doesn't like tuna.

My son asked for a PB&J, so making that into a tic-tac-toe was easy enough.  I warmed the jelly just a bit and placed in a plastic baggie.  I made a small snip in a corner and drew on the design. *note to self, pick out the chunks of berries next time!   I had half an apple leftover from my lunch today, so I gave it a fresh slice and rubbed a little lemon on it.  I used organic fruit strips (archer farm brand from target) to make the design on the apple.  For the black and white board, I used some black licorice for the grid.  Yes, a little sugary but the overall ingredient list was surprisingly not too bad.  I made up for it anyways with the addition of leftover cauliflower.  I filled the bottom half of the container and placed some of the rounder headed pieces standing up for the 'o's'.

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