Monday, September 14, 2009

mini trip

I mentioned the lack of fruit in my last shopping trip.  We had planned to visit the local farmers market, but with all the rain this weekend, we didn't get moving Saturday morning. My son's soccer game was canceled and we pretty much all stayed in our pajamas till the afternoon.
On Sunday, we ventured out and stopped at central market.  I was lured in with the sale of organic pears...
I did stay right around the $10 mark for the fruit as I said I would.... but then walked the aisles and found a few organic staple items that somehow jumped into the basket.
All in all, I added right at $30 more to the week's total - but my husband thinks I shouldn't have included the wine in my grocery total.... so if you think i should have, then we are at $130.66, if not, then $105.66

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