Wednesday, September 9, 2009

honey makes everything taste better!

  We tried homemade grilled polenta cakes at dinner tonight.  I was afraid the kids would turn their noses up at it so my husband and I had ours with tomato, black pepper and onions on top and I eased (teased?) the kids into trying the polenta with just a little honey on top only.  Worked like a charm for one of son loved it!  Soooo, he got the extra one from dinner in his lunchbox.  My daughter opted out of this one.  Her lunch has extra strawberries and kiwi.
The star sandwiches are made on whole wheat bread with almond butter and blueberry jam.  Yes, a tree nut, buuuuut not a peanut!  Since their are no allergies in my daughters class, her teacher said it would be ok!  yeeeees!
Heart shaped kiwi, strawberries, and edamame with sea salt rounds out this lunch!

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