Thursday, September 10, 2009

personal pizzas

I made up a few batches of homemade organic whole wheat beer pizza dough (recipe found here, I used a 2:1 ratio of whole wheat flour to white) a while back and froze it for nights just like this one!  You know 'those' nights.  You've worked all day and barely have the energy to walk in the front door. I knew tonight would be one of those nights...

I needed something thawed and ready, so I put the dough in the fridge last night and set out on the counter when I got home from work today.  The big pile of produce from Saturday's farmers market trip is winding down.  The tomatoes have those little wrinkles starting on top, like they are crying out to be used up.

I started to stretch out the dough to fill the pizza pan, but I just couldn't seem to get it stretched  large enough.  My son walked up and asked to help.  After a much needed hand washing, he jumped in on the fun.  I have no formal dough stretching training under my belt.  In fact, I am probably as novice as they come.  I think anyone who walked in the house at that moment would probably know that right away.   The more we stretched it, the more it would tear.  My son, sensing my frustrations, said "hey, why don't we do lots of mini-pizzas."  The kid is brilliant! 

I think he also has mastered the art of manipulation because he had an alterier motive.  He wanted to make sure his pizza was plain cheese without the 'other things' creeping over to his slice.  The only things going on this pizza were pesto, feta cheese and tomato.  My brilliant, manipulative, son is also a little picky.   He ONLY likes the little tomatoes from our garden, NOT the large tomatoes which were sliced and ready to go on the pizza.

Here is the final result - mini pizzas for all!  (can you tell which ones are for my son?)


  1. thanks frosty! your blog is looking great, btw! Stopped by today, love the new layout!



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