Monday, September 14, 2009

shooting stars

Top right are tortilla shooting star sandwiches filled with almond butter and a little honey.  They are garnished with fruit strip (archer farms - target brand) cut into star shapes and kiwi stripes alternating with the seeds.  The little heart in the center is cut out of the kiwi fruit center.
And don't worry, I didn't waste any of the fruit stip or kiwi - vultures were circling the kitchen waiting for scraps! 

I added homemade zucchini bread  to be dipped in a butternut squash puree with some confectioner's sugar mixed in (to sweeten it up a bit).
The top left corner is 'pirate's booty, all natural cheddar puffed rice and corn' for my son.... my daughters lunch is exactly the same as the one above, but instead of the puffs, she has carrots and hummus.  She LOVES hummus.  She asked for it in her lunch tomorrow.  My son, not super crazy about it - but I keep trying!
Everything above is organic except the pickle, tortilla, and puffs but the tortilla and puffs labels are all natural/recognizable ingredients.  I just looked closer at the pickle label, there are two or three dyes in there.  I don't think I will buy that brand again...

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