Saturday, September 19, 2009

$45.72 this week!

I took my grandmother out to do her grocery shopping earlier this week and picked up a few things that were marked down and that we needed.

I had planned to go to the Farmer's Market today.... but my plans were changed on me.  My son got the puke-ies in the middle of the night and my husband had to go into work (don't they know it is SATURDAY!!?! )  so I was stuck in the house today with a sickie.
Soooo did a google search and discovered a whole foods store located 2 miles from my husbands work!  Had no idea it was so close for him (he works 40 miles away, so not so close for me).
Not the farmer's market, but that's just the way it goes sometimes!

 Since we are waiting on the cow, I don't want to stock up on any meats.  I already have chicken in the freezer and a package of ground beef that I can get two meals out of this week.

The whole foods run my wonderful husband made cost $25.01

Kroger - this trip cost $20.71

my most expensive, non sale item was the cooking spray, but we were out. poor planning on my part! $3.09
organic brown sugar -$2.69 (need to get in bulk at costco -I've been baking a lot lately!!)
organic chili beans  - $1.19
organic tri-blend beans - $.89
horizon organic heavy cream - marked down to $1.59
organic half and half - marked down to 2 @$.75 each
organic carrots - $.79 (why did I not buy more to freeze???!!!)
Horizon organic milk - marked down to $2.99
organic salad blend with herbs - (yes, i could get heads of lettuce for cheaper but this is our favorite and it was on sale $1 off!) $2.99

It was week 2 in a row for me without using a single coupon............... weird feeling! I feel naked in the store without the binder. But my new 'little' friend hadn't made it's way into the car and I didn't start out with intentions of buying things for myself when I took my grandmother.

As I was posting this, it dawned on me that I forgot to buy bread.  Guess what?!!  I have everything I need to make my own!  I am stuck at home with a sick kid, so why not!?!!

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